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Following the pregnancy process, questions you wonder, online treatment, consulting privileges and much more we provide remote support about more ..


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Recently, many there is a discussion medical science, as long as humanity exists, does not affect health and well-being. perhaps the only science that has focused on it. As Jineart, whatever from the tiniest particle we look at under the microscope, in the latest technology imaging devices We think that what we see is human, right down to the vital organs we examine. Medicine does not only cure diseases, it prevents disease and is better, more scientific research that offers us the main formulas for a happy, healthier life. We also care about the slightly more enjoyable side of it, which progresses with bases. For Jineart every woman means a family.


High risk, including those that may require Prenatal Fetal Treatment or Fetal Therapy Evaluation of pregnancies and Obstetrics facing complicated pregnancies Professionals serves as a solution center for

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Gynecology, Obstetrics & Perinatology Specialist


Jineart Clinic founder Dr. Cengiz Sağıroğlu, Dicle Academic starting at the University Faculty of Medicine Continuing his career in Israel and the United States, Dr. Cengiz Sağıroğlu, dormitory for many years After having returned to Turkey except medicine, one of the country's health sector branded hospitals, Perinatology, Gynecology and Obstetrics Throughout your maternity journey, what you wonder about, your baby's before and after birth Contact him to get information about his health and much more during and you can pass.


Turkey and the world's health agenda to share with you We created the JineArt Blog. It cares about your motherhood journey, researches, about this process If you're talking and sharing, you're on the right blog!


Curiosity throughout your motherhood journey information about your actions, your baby's health before and during birth and much more You can contact us to get it.

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